Karwari Cuisine...

Sea Food, Drinks, Pastries and many more that Karwar Can offer you...

Sea Food and Drinks is what the visitors look for specially when in Karwar. Visitors enjoy the famous fish, curry, rice and Feni package. Fish, curry rice and butter milk are the basic necessities of the Karwaris themselves. They combine to make a heavenly daily meal for the average Karwari. But Karwari cuisine, like the land itself, has many spicy flavors and tastes with its natural surroundings to add the original homely flavor to the delicacies. Karwari food is simple but most, though not all, of it is chili hot, spicy, and pungent. Items made from rice, fish, and coconuts abound in nearly every meal in Karwar.

         They value their food as much as they do their daily break. Seafood always has a pride of place is some form or the other in their daily menu. They take pleasure not only in what they eat, but also how they cook it. Although modern conveniences have almost completely taken over in urban areas, the traditional way of cooking in clay pots on firewood continues in most rural areas of Karwar. This style of cooking adds an additional smoky flavor to the food, highly valued by Karwaris.

         Sea Food such as Clams, Mussels, Crab, Lobster, Giant Prawns is cooked in fragrant masala, is excellent while Fish, depending on the type, it is either cooked in wet curries, grilled or baked in Tandoor clay ovens. With a wide variety ranging from prawns to chicken, and numerous vegetarian dishes, Karwari cuisine is able to satisfy even the most finicky gourmet appetites.

         When it comes to fruits, Karwar has been blessed with the most fibrous fruits like the Pineapple, the Melon, the Banana, etc., but surpassing them all is the MANGO. Karwar is the home for the world famous the Alphonso Mangoes which are famous for their ravishing taste.

Karwar's Popular Dishes
Apart from the Seafood, various kinds of drinks and spicy fish curries, Pastries are almost a part of every common meals as well as occasion and feast in Karwar. The delicacies include mainly sweets made of coconut as Karwar being the land where coconut is abundant. The delicacies include many more varieties especially at the occasions of Festivals & feasts in Karwar.

Feni - from neighbouring Goa

The very famous drink is the Feni, which is prepared from the coconu palms and from bright red or yellow cashew apple crops. Karwar is about 10 Kms from Goa border. The infamous evening City Bus caters to the Feni lovers by ferring the drinkers from Karwar to Goa and back late at night!